Curriculum Vitae


1)    January 2015 – December 2018 (working part-time remotely since January 2019)

  • Postdoctoral Associate in Dr. Evelyn Gaiser’s Laboratory at the Southeast Environment Research Center, Florida International University
  • Investigating multiannual and multi-site patterns of biodiversity, biomass and relative abundance of algae and their environmental controls in the framework of the Florida Coastal Everglades (FCE) Long Term Ecological Research Network (LTER) and in relation to the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan Monitoring Assessment Plan (CERP-MAP).

2)    September 2008 – December 2014

  • Environmental Change Research Centre, University College London
  • Self-funded part-time Ph.D. in Freshwater Ecology: “Biodiversity and biomass of algae in the Okavango Delta (Botswana), a subtropical wetland”.

3)    March 2007 – July 2008

  • Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei and Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change
    • Reviews of the impacts of climate change on ecosystem goods and services, agriculture and the alpine environment.
    • Application of the MARKAL-TIMES model to build a CO2 emission reduction plan for the Lombardy Region.

4)    February 2004 – February 2007

  • Fondazione Lombardia per l’Ambiente
    • Estimation of Particulate Matter emissions from domestic wood combustion in Lombardy via an extensive survey of 33,000 students’ families in 250 schools.
    • Review of publications on Climate Change and research projects on Air Quality
    • Project management of the Kyoto-Lombardy and PARFIL research programmes on climate change and fine particle emissions in the Lombardy region


1)    2010 – 2014

  • Geography and Mathematics A-level and GCSE private tutoring, also in collaboration with Campbell Harris College and Greater London Tutors

2)    2009 – 2014

  • Undergraduate tutoring at UCL – Human Ecology, Physical Geography, Statistics for Environmental Geographers, Global Environmental Change

3)    April – May 2004

  • Participatory lessons with primary school teachers on energy and climate – Kids4Energy project coordinated by the Italian Association of Environmental Sciences


Consultancy and free-lance work

1) September 2012 – January 2017

Senior Academic Consultant – Geography at Macat Ltd.

  • Writing critical analyses of “Our Ecological Footprint” (available for sale online) and “The Theory of Island Biogeography” from which e-learning materials (such as podcast debates) were created in collaboration with Macat Ltd. Recruiting fellow academics with the right expertise to write critical analyses of seminal texts in Human Geography and Physical Geography.

2) 2010 – 2011:

  • Co-authoring a report on infrastructure vulnerability in relation to future environmental change scenarios and a case study on how environmental change might affect migration in Zimbabwe.


Writing and other work experience

1)    February 2009 – August 2011

  • Free-lance writer at Responding to Climate Change

Writing blog posts for the NGO Responding to Climate Change to discuss progress in the United Nations climate change negotiations and developments towards a more environmentally sustainable economy and society.

2)    June – September 2009 and April – July 2010

  • Outreach executive at Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) and Climate Change TV

Involving sponsors / partners in the annual RTCC publication distributed to the delegates attending the United Nations conferences on climate change; securing high-caliber interviewees at the 9th UNFCCC Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen (including a minister from China, the Executive Director of Greenpeace and a famous singer) for Climate Change TV and preparing questions.

3)    December 2003 and December 2009

  • Participation in the 9th and 15th UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP9, COP15) as collaborator of Responding To Climate Change (RTCC).


2015-2016: I attended the Climate Reality Leader course with Al Gore in Miami and gave a related public presentation at a local community meeting

1999-2006: Italian Red Cross first aid team member (and leader) and ambulance driver

2004-2008: Organization of conferences and seminars on climate change and of a course on environmental issues directed to civil servants working in local authorities


Education and training

1)  2-14 September 2008 – Peyresq, France

  • Summer School “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services”
  • ALTERNET – A Long Term Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Awareness Research Network, EU 6th Framework Programme

2)    8-16 June 2007 – Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere e Arti, Venice, Italy

  • Summer School “Pathways to Environmental Sustainability”

3)    February – September 2005

  • Post-lauream course “Environment and Landscape Management: instruments for action”
  • University of Milan, Department of Human Geography and European Social Fund

4)    September 1997 – November 2003

  • Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences – Final grade: 108/110
  • University of Milano Bicocca, Department of Sciences for Environment and Territory


Funding (total ~ US$ 25,000)

2018: Travel funding from FIU Tropics, the Institute of Water and Environment, and School of Environment, Arts and Society (SEAS) to attend SWS Annual Meeting (Denver, May 29-June 1), AQUATROP (Quito, Ecuador, 23-26 July 2018), and the US LTER All Scientists Meeting (Oct 1-4 2018)

2017: Travel funding from FIU SERC and SEAS to attend the SWS Annual Meeting (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

2017: Travel funding from the University of California (Santa Barbara) National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis to participate in the working group on metacommunity dynamics across U.S. LTER sites

2016: Travel funding from the organizers of the 10th INTECOL Wetlands conference (Changshu, China) and from FIU SEAS

2016: FIU SERC travel funding for the 101st Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting

2014: UCL Graduate School 2nd conference fund – “Water resources and wetlands”

2012: UCL Graduate School 1st conference fund – “9th INTECOL International Wetlands”

2011: British Phycological Society meeting attendance fund – “Advanced Course Blue-Green and Green Algae”. University of Durham

2009: Postgraduate Research Award for two six-weeks fieldtrips in the Okavango Delta. Royal Geographical Society – Institute British Geographers (RGS-IGB)

2009: UCL Graduate School Research Projects Fund


Grant and fellowship proposals submitted

2018: Assessing the effectiveness of wetland conservation and restoration in LIFE-EU projects. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation postdoctoral fellowship

2018: Senior Collaborator. Coastal resilience in the face of hurricanes, floods and the rising seas: modeling the coupled effects of fresh water resources and institutions. National Science Foundation (Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems program)

2018: Distinguished Postdoctoral Scholarship Candidate. Wetland and shallow lake restoration: successes, failures, and ways forward. FIU College of Arts, Sciences and Education

2017: Co-Principal Investigator and lead author. Assessing the effects of fire on periphyton, vegetation, and prey availability for the Cape Sable seaside sparrow (CSSS) in the Everglades marl prairie. US National Park Service – Everglades Ecosystem Restoration and Management


Sessions and workshops (co-)organized:

Tracking foundation species dynamics from the mountains to the oceans in rapidly changing LTER sites. Long Term Ecological Network All Scientists Meeting. Pacific Grove (CA), Oct. 2018

Periphyton Responses to Water Flow and Nutrient Loading and Implications for Everglades Restoration. Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration conference. April 2017

The Next Generation of Wetland Science: Ecosystems, Applications, and Engineering. 10th INTECOL Wetlands conference, Changshu (China), Sep. 2016

Inland freshwater wetlands: establishing broad-scale comparative investigations of inland freshwater wetlands. Long Term Ecological Network All Scientists Meeting. Estes Park (CO), Sep. 2015

Conference sessions (co-)chaired:

Wetlands: monitoring and management. 10th INTECOL Wetlands conference, Changshu, Sep. 2016.

Deltas and wetlands & Water policies. “Water resources and wetlands – 2nd International Conference”. Tulcea (Romania), Sep. 2014.

Review activity


2018: Natural Environment Research Council, United Kingdom

2018: South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium, United States of America

2016: National Science Foundation / Division of Environmental Biology, United States of America

2016: University of Antwerp, University Research Fund, Concerted Research Project, Belgium

Scientific papers:

Freshwater Biology (2), Algologie Cryptogamie (1), Diatom Research (1), Hydrobiologia (1), Journal of Ecology (1), Journal of Great Lakes Research (1), Solutions (1), Water (1)

University service 

2017: At FIU, I led a survey of postdoctoral scholars’ needs, suggestions, and ideas for career advancement.

2016: I coordinated the poster session at the 2016 FCE LTER All Scientists Meeting.

2000-2003: At the University of Milano Bicocca, I served as Student Representative, wrote in the student magazine, and co-organized well-attended seminars on climate change and hydrogeological risk.

Scientific society service

As a member of the Society of Wetland Scientists, I contributed to writing the Changshu Declaration on Wetlands. 10th INTECOL Wetlands conference, Changshu (China), Sep. 2016.

Outreach activities

2018: I co-organized a fieldtrip for undergraduate students in Everglades National Park (April 7) with Paul Julian and Xavier Cortada to raise / sustain awareness about the importance of this wetland as a natural and cultural heritage for youth in Miami and South Florida

2016-ongoing: Creating, writing, and editing the “Diatom of the Month” blog series, since Sep 2017 on the Young Diatomists blog (

2016: Climate Reality Leader presentation. South Miami community meeting

2014: Show’n’ Tell “Okavango” Grant Museum of Zoology. Introduction of my PhD project to the public and selection of a hippopotamus skull specimen from the Museum’s 68,000 objects

2013. Ecology at the Heart of the 21st Century. Blog post on the 11th International Ecology Association Congress and the Centenary of the British Ecological Society. UCL Geography blog

2010: Audio slideshow on Ph.D. on algae in the Okavango Delta – Royal Geographical Society

2007: Co-organization and seminar presentation of the public conference “Kyoto calls Milan: climate is changing, what about you?”. University of Milan Bicocca (in Italian)


Awards and memberships

2013: UCL Union Colours Award for my activities as Postgraduate Student Representative in the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences in support of students’ welfare and rights

2011: UCL Research poster competition; runner-up prize in the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences (poster title: “Algae in the Okavango Delta: investigating the ‘invisible’ life”)

Current member of: Ecological Society of America; Society of Wetland Scientists; Society for Freshwater Science; International Society of Limnology; Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography. Past member of: British Ecological Society; Royal Geographical Society